If you are going to be a hosting a networking event, it will certainly be a exciting moment for you and your business, but it is important to know there a number of different things you will have to think about beforehand. There are a number of benefits to networking, but generally they are known as a wonderful to allow businesses to meet and share information about each other. To ensure your networking event is the best it can be, take a look at the tips below!

The Venue:

Without a doubt, one of the key things about a networking event is the venue in which it is held. The level of locality is very important, as people will want somewhere which is within a good travelling distance. The other important aspects of the venue is the size and whether you can get a full package when booking the venue – which can help lower the costs of the event. Usually, the best locations are hotels, bars or conference rooms – and there a lot of these meaning you will be sure to find one which is local and can hopefully offer packages and a good sized space.


Keep it Simple:

Simplicity is key for a networking event, not only for yourself, but for the attendees too. This is because it will mean less work when the event begins in terms of maintenance and organisation. The first step would be when people are attending the event, where they will have to sign-in. The best way to make sure this is quick and easy is by allowing them to quickly tick their name then give them lanyards to hold their ID card. Once the event has begun, it can be a good idea to have a schedule for the day and have a clear plan set out for any exhibitions or the lunch break.

Networking Is the Priority:

Sometimes the reason for the event is to try and generate more sales for your business, but it is important to remember that the people attending your event will be wanting to network and will be unlikely to enjoy a full sales pitch throughout. Therefore, you will want to make sure you provide enough time for attendees to still network in-between exhibitions and presentations. This is because not giving people the chance to speak can leave them very annoyed as it defeats the purpose of them attending the event in the first place.

Make Sure you are Available to Speak to People:

One thing that people can find annoying when they attend a networking event is actually being unable to meet the person responsible for holding the event. A lot of people can sometimes just make an introductory video which people watch whilst they enter, but if you are wanting to try and eventually generate sales for your business, this can be a very bad idea. The advice would be to have a speech that you will make in person and then make yourself available to go around and talk to people individually and do some networking yourself!