Posture is important when it comes to buying office furniture. Think about it. How many hours do you spend every day sitting in an office chair? If you work at a 9 to 5 job, then the average is 8 hours per day.

Sitting in an improper posture position for 8 hours will have a negative effect, both physically and mentally. That’s why you have to have good posture while sitting at home, or work, or anywhere. How do you achieve good posture while sitting?

Well, that’s easy. You buy an ergonomic office chair. The most important thing, if posture is important to you (and it should be), is to have a fully adjustable chair.

Armless Office Chairs

It is essential to find a comfortable computer chair that is fully adjustable. You should be able to modify both the seat height and seat depth. You also will want to be able to move the backrest up and down to suit your heigh and back or forward to meet your measurements.

If you are a taller or heavier individual do some investigating for a big and tall chair which are designed specifically for such individuals. If you are shorter than 5′3″ look for a petite office chair that will allow you to have a smaller seat size, a seat slider, and possibly even a shorter cylinder to ensure your comfort.

Not all office chairs are created equal and will not work for every individuals height and size which is why it is important to explore multiple options to figure out what will work best for you.

So, how does this apply to armless office chairs?

I’ll tell you. One important feature of an ergonomic office chair or any other chair, for that matter, is that it should have elbow supports to avoid strain on the neck. Elbows need to be able to comfortably rest on the elbow supports at a right angle.

In the beginning of the post I asked you how many hours you spend sitting on your chair. The average amount of time for an average Joe is 8 hours. If you work at an office, or another job that requires you to sit, then you will be putting pounds of pressure on your neck for 8 hours in a row, if you don’t have adjustable arm rests for your chair.

Still not convinced?

Seriously reconsider your thoughts as to why you want to buy an armless office chair. If your posture (or lack thereof) is not important to you or the user of the chair, then by all means, buy whichever chair you want. Read over the reason stated above one more time, and remember, you were warned.