The best way to describe emotions and feeling:

The use of emoji in our daily life is increasing very rapidly. We are using them instead of our textual descriptions. They are also the powerful mean to describe all of your thoughts and feelings by showing the pictures. We know that the picture is a worth of thousand words. One picture can represent millions of words. That’s why their usage is increasing in our daily life.

Moreover, their trend is also on the peak on the social sites. Apart from using them to express your emotions, they are also the source of entertainment for millions of people. If I could say, they have made the life easier for a person, then t will not be wrong. But before using them, you have to understand the emoji meaning that will allow using these according to their meanings.


A vast range of emoji dictionary and emoji meaning:

There are many types of emoji dictionary that you can use in your words. Some of them are here for you. All of them are available on the emojiry website. From that site, you can also understand the emoji meaning. Have a look at them to get the better understanding view.

  • Emotions: If you want to show your current mood, then you can use them.
  • People: It is for revealing the gender of the people wither she is a girl, or he is a boy
  • Gestures: They are for indicating the gestures according to your mood.
  • Fashion: If you want to show style things like clothes, shoes and other items, then use them.
  • Food: Food emoji as the name describe are for showing foods.
  • Animals: Having a pet? And want to show in your messages, then use animal emoji.
  • Building: Building emoji are for showing the workplaces and other buildings
  • Object: Want to show specific objects, then the objects emoji will do the work for you.