Each being faces their battle daily in different ways. People should seek to be kind and seek alternatives that could help, rather than subjugate what each person is living in their lives. As if his fears and longings were always greater than the next.


“And there are days when she gets locked in. Many think it’s selfishness or sadness, but deep down she likes to see herself inside, from where she looks more beautiful.”


And how many times, with tears in your eyes, did you say you were okay?


I keep the fake smile, just so as not to hear unnecessary opinions


What happened to that cheerful, charismatic, smiling boy? Where did that kid go that even amid the sadness found the motivation to move on? I do not know the reason, but I know that now his soul isolates itself into immense darkness


“Imagine you at the bottom of a pit all dark, there were people talking very close, screams and no one hears you, screams, screams and no one hears you, hits the walls and nobody sees you!” It must be an unimaginable sensation. Hear you. ”


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“Life is full of deceptions … In the face a smile, in the chest a chasm.” In the gleaming look, a flaming streamer full of fear. In the accelerated thought, a tight feeling with the taste of the gall of death.


“How to contain so many sensations that are totally invisible behind a smile stamped on the face that there is no longer life.”


What good is it to reform your house, if your soul is in pieces?


I’m a dust, and there’s a big vacuum cleaner called “Sadness” sucking me, and I cannot and cannot even fight.


Sometimes I think there is no one who can understand me, the people around me are as empty as I am so I prefer not to have many “friends”.


Being depressed and alone builds character. Being and happiness builds ignorance.


The depressive is someone who dates withdrawal and has erotic dreams with death. However, he desires desperately to be a perpetual lover of life.


But what an idiocy … was waiting for something to happen without doing something.


“This is not a poem!!
This is just the scribble of a professional depressive.”


The best shelter for a heart is the warmth of a hug.


If the door closed it was not to open.


If you feel sad is normal, it is dangerous to give yourself to sadness.


My dream is to wake up and have a happy day but as it is a dream when I wake up it ends and my day remains unchangingly sad


“… Why is it that any other organ of your body can get sick and you receive compassion, except the brain? …”



It’s so beautiful to see someone become an angel to us. The problem is the pain of seeing her become her personal demon …


The anguish tormenting me that night taking my coffee and smoking my cigarette, I could see the window my life crumbling in the wind.