There is a huge choice of cat beds available these days, but many look rather boring or dare I say it, even very ugly.  Therefore, KittyKit set out to discover.   I have spent some time choosing my own very favorite designs from our collection online, I hope both you and your cat will agree and like too!


Things to Consider before You Buy the Best Bed for Your feline friend:


Before you choose which pet bed to buy, take a moment to consider:

  1. Is it a good quality item that is made to last?
  1. Will it be comfortable and big enough for your cat or cats?
  1. Will the cat cushion be easy to remove and washable?


Will the design look nice in your house and suit your home decor?

You really don’t want to buy any old pet bed that looks ugly and just gets covered in hair, a bit smelly, and ends up being thrown away! What a waste of money that would be!


Wicker Cat Beds:

The old days or a simple wicker bed for your cat to sleep in are long gone. These days you can find very stylish wicker kitty beds that fit right into today’s modern home designs.

I love wicker beds for my cats as they allow air to pass through which helps to keep any smells at bay.  My cat likes to sleep in  cool places, especially during the summer months and these airy beds help them to stay cool and comfy.



Luxury Cat Beds:

Cats as we know love their comfort and of course love to have this comfort wherever they like. So, cat beds now also come not just in fabulously soft and well designs but also in all sorts of shapes to fit into all sorts of spaces.


Cat Sleep Preferences Every cat has their own individual personality and just like us they also have their likes and dislikes. Choosing where they want to sleep is one area where they can be very choosy indeed.

For Instance, some cats like to:

  • Prefer to sleep high up
  • Some prefer to sleep in a small space
  • Others like to stretch out
  • Some like open topped beds
  • others like cozy hideaways

Finding the best cat bed for your cat needs to take these considerations into account. After all it’s not worth spending money on something if the cat simply won’t use it because it’s not to their liking MEOW!

Cat beds will require to be extremely comfortable & enjoy sleeping in the bed that you have selected for it. Even though they may not rest in the cat beds each day they will use it as one of their recommended places to sleep.

Your cat is territorial so you need to make sure that your beds for kitties are away from your other pet beds. pets do spend a good deal of time resting and they love to really feel safe and protected when they do so, it is about the only time exactly when they are not on guard. For more information visit Cat Beds.